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InterCall V2.1

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More than 1.000 German Call Shops are using the
InterCall Software -
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General description:
The software solution InterCall V2.1 is a professional solution for telephone billing in callshops and similar institutions. The software offers a comfortable, modern and easy-to-use user interface which scalable and can be adjusted to the users needs.

Define users and user groups with different rights so that certain parts of the software can only be accessed by certain users (e.g. statistics, pricelists etc.).

The settings for the supported phone systems and VoIP-routers can easily be configurated in the software. Depending on the phone system telephones can be locked.

The software offers different forms of pricelists. A purchase price / sales price combination offers an exact cost control. New zones and prices will be marked in read after a price list update has been made.

Using the extended price list special prices can be defined depending on the daytime and the duration of the call. The costs can be rounded to the next five or ten if wished.

Basic settings such as a usage fee or a special fee for 0800-numbers can be set for each telephone seperately.

Fax and main phone can be controlled by InterCall, too. Private use of the main phone can be preset in the software.

A special price request tool offers a quick and comfortable request on how much it costs to call a certain country for a certain time. This way you can easily answer your customers most important question: how much does a call to a certain country cost? The large variety of statistic reports gives you a perfect overview on your sales and special information such as for example the most favored zones/countries.

The software supports all popular phone systems such as for example Agfeo, Alcatel, Ascom, Auerswald, Elmeg, NEC, Panasonic, Siemens, Telekom, Tenovis and Tevitel as well as VoIP-routers such as AVM Fritz!Box, Audiocodes, Quintum and many more.

Screenshots InterCall
 Main Screen
 Price Information
 User Manager
 Shift Sales
 Daily Turnover
 Company Data
 New Phone
 Import Manager 1
 Import Manager 2
 New Zone
 Zone Settings
 Credit Management
 Phone System Settings
 Port Settings
 POS System
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System requirements:

  WIN 98, WIN ME, WIN NT, WIN 2000, WIN XP Home, WIN XP Prof.

  Server: IBM compatible PC with minimum 800 MHz (1 GHz recommended)
                 128 MB Main Memory (256 MB recommended)
                 Screen resolution 1024x768 Pixel minimum

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