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Phone Systems
:: Agfeo
:: Alcatel
:: Ascom
:: Audiocodes (VoIP)
:: Auerswald
:: AVM Fritz!Box (VoIP)
:: Elmeg
:: Linksys (VoIP)
:: NEC
:: Panasonic
:: Quintum
:: Siemens
:: Sipura (VoIP)
:: Telekom
:: Tenovis
:: Tevitel

Phone Systems

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Phone systems for InterCall V2.1

The market offers a large variety of different phone systems. The software InterCall was originally designed for the German and Austrian market and therefor supports all popular German and Austrian call shop phone systems. When deciding for a phone system you should the functionality of the system should comply to the size of the call shop. If you are using a phone system that is not listet below please contact our technicans so that it can be implemented. The implementation of new phone systems is normally free of costs. InterCall also supports a number of routers and a provider-account solution for Voice over IP (VoIP) .
The following phone systems and VoIP-routers can be used with InterCall V2.1:
  • Agfeo comfortable for small and mid-size call shops

  • Alcatel professional phone system for large call shops

  • Ascom very popular as professional billing system in call shops and hotels

  • Audiocodes (VoIP) Router for VoIP

  • Auerswald solution for small and mid-size callshops

  • AVM Fritz!Box (VoIP) comfortable for small Callshops, VoIP and ISDN combination

  • Elmeg priceless solutions for small and mid-size callshops

  • Linksys (VoIP) Router for VoIP

  • NEC classic phone system for small and mid-size callshops

  • Panasonic popular phone system for call shops

  • Quintum popular international solution for small and mid-size Callshops

  • Siemens professional billing system for call shops and hotels

  • Sipura (VoIP) Router for VoIP

  • Telekom Telekom-system for smaller shops

  • Tenovis professional phone system for call shops

  • Tevitel computer based phone system

       For more information please call +49-7461-966-500.
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